Rachelle Vinberg shows DAZED her skating tips in this #LifeLessons video

#Dazed100 skater and ‘Skate Kitchen’ star Rachelle Vinberg shows us her skating tips in this new #LifeLessons video.

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Featuring @rachellevinberg

Filmed @franiese and @aimeegreen

Edited @georgiedaley and @mariannemwx

Hollywood's Hotel Babylon ft. Dev Hynes

Hollywood’s Hotel Babylon visually actualises the archive through a desire to act upon (and ultimately critique) child star and underground experimental filmmaker cum writer, Kenneth Anger’s archival text(s) Hollywood Babylon (1975) and Hollywood Babylon II (1984). Calling out the ‘Death Industry’ of Hollywood through shrine-like scenes stitched together digitally and scripted by the 'Terror of Tinseltown' -the suicides of the four twentieth-century starlets Jenny Dolly, Gwili Andre, Peg Entwistle and Lupe Vélez are flaunted for their morbid flare whilst unearthing Hollywood’s, and Kenneth’s, darkest desires.

Featuring a handbag from Miu Miu, shoes from Amélie Pichard with lights from Douglas and Bec.

Special thanks to Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) for permission to use the audio of 'You're Not Good Enough' from the Cupid Deluxe Album. 

Panorama of Hollywood's Hotel Babylon. Aimée Green, 2015.

New Zealand’s ‘fancy’ white trash stars

Corolla was a Wellington-based artist collective consisting of collaborations by myself (Aimée Green), Benjamin Murdoch, Sally Pardoe, Alexandria Banks, Sally Young and Dominique Burton. The multi-media experience that was styled in homage to the South African counter-culture movement Zef, made infamous by the Die Antwoord duo ¥o-landi and Ninja, was translated within a New Zealand context. The exhibition set within The Service Depot explored the tension between the construction of identity with the constrictions of socio-economic classes. October 12 (2016) brought video, performative and photographic works as a dismantled collage to the store – displaying a style of imagery that had been done before... but not yet by the collective. Corolla was New Zealand’s ‘fancy’ white trash stars and recontextualized imagery with a blend of hip-hop, jungle, trap and moombahton beats.

Starring, directed, and filmed by Alexandria Banks and Aimée Green

Sound by Benjamin Murdoch (Heist Beats)

Exhibited: 2016. Corolla, The Service Depot, Wellington, New Zealand.