Growing Pains: Ramona Mixtape

Come to think of it I've always been really into mixtapes. Thinking back to when I still wore my hair in high pigtails with pink sparkly bobbles — I used to burn CD's onto my chunky white Mac laptop, haul my favourite tracks into an iTunes playlist, and then download my “super cool” mix onto my lime green Nano. Eventually, I splurged on a pack of blank CD’s and started making my playlists hard copy. If I had a boyfriend I would definitely have made him a gushy, angsty and “totally” romantic mix with a handmade CD cover of us decked out with heart stickers – because nothing screams eternal love like a collection of 8 Chris Isaac songs.

In November I sent out a call to Ramona's followers asking for some kickass playlists submissions to feature within the mag. In the end, we published Sandy Hsü's Crushed: Songs For When A Crush Absoutloly Obliterates Your Heart, Georgie Zuzek's Babe-list and my very own Growing Pains. Check out the list below detailing the tracks featured.