This Is What Real Life Instagram Vampires Look Like


This week marked 22 years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired on television and the occult classic continues to live on in our hearts and on SKY reruns. From Angel and Darla to Spike and Drusilla we all remember what the vampires of the Buffyverse looked like. Ashy skin, gothy hair, brooding stares and a whole lot of leather. Cut to sharp fangs, yellow contacts and prosthetic t-zone wrinkles whenever they turned full vamp mode. But that was the 90s. What about now? What do the vampires of 2019 look like? And, no, not the fictional kind. What do the real-life, vampire-identifying, Instagram-dwelling individuals look like today? What are their beauty rituals? Are they into wellness? Do they like vampire facials a la Kim K? We talked to four vampires to find out. Meet Darsuss, a 25-year-old federal contractor from Washington DC; Velvet Venom, a 20-year-old tattooist from the San Francisco Bay Area; Lou Graves, an alternative model from Scotland, and Abby Holgerson, a 21-year old artist from Maryland.

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